Prepare work before installing garden decking

Site Preparation

Your deck must be installed with a space of at least 100mm between the ground and the underside of the deck board. If installing over concrete, this can be reduced to 45mm. Direct contact between the deck and earth must be avoided.

To prevent weeds growing under your deck (if the surface is not sealed) we advise laying a root-stop fabric under the structure.

Site Storage

Seventrust garden decking must be stored flat and dry and off the ground in its original packaging, preferably in a well ventilated and sheltered place. To avoid building stress into your deck and having possible lengthways shrinkage, it is best to fix your Seventrust decking boards when the ambient temperature is less than 25°C and when the boards are not sitting in full sun (see Thermal Movement & Spacing).

Support the boards with dunnage when storing the decking prior to installation. When stacking, supports should start at each end and be placed 600mm apart. Never stack decking more than 2 packs high. This method of storage is very important – incorrect storage may lead to poor product performance or damage. Check the material before installation and report any damages and defects to our.


You should ensure that the correct personal protective equipment is being used when installing your Seventrust decking. Recommends as a minimum that safety glasses, gloves and a dust mask are worn during installation. It is the responsibility of the user to follow safe practices when using any tools during the installation process. Remember that Seventrust recycled Composite decking is heavier than most traditional timbers and should be lifted and carried with care.


Seventrust garden decking can be drilled, cut, fastened and routed with normal woodworking tools. For best results use carbide-tipped cutting blades and router bits. When using a mitre saw, best results are gained through using a 10” – 12” (25.4mm – 30.5mm) saw blade with 40 teeth or less. If a chalk line is used remember that some chalk lines are permanent. Check with the manufacturer or supplier to ensure that no permanent markings will remain after use.

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