Composite deck instead of wood deck

Really Deciding on a Wood Deck?

When it comes to decking options, the alternative to Composite decking that is definitely worth exploring is the wood deck option. Much like the composite deck option, this option can add a lot of aesthetic beauty and value to your home and entertainment area.

The pure wood appearance of these decks fuses well with any outdoor area. In addition to this the versatility of this material makes it well suited for both outdoors and indoors and throughout all seasons. As a result of this versatility the wood deck has become a popular option in South Africa.

vIf you decide to go for the wood deck option you need to make sure that your deck is not under designed or sagging as this could make your deck a maintenance nightmare. There are many nightmare stories of people who have hired inexperienced or ‘off the street’ type carpenters to work on their decks.


These stories always end badly and the person hiring always loses a lot of money. Always remember that if your deck is badly designed it will be very difficult to salvage any of the material used. You will therefore not only lose the money you paid to the carpenter you will also lose most of the wood used to build the deck.

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