Recycled plastic decking vs natural wood decking

Natural wood decking

Recycled plastic decking is the future of the decking world. Natural wood decking has many drawbacks when it comes to lifespan and maintenance, whereas our range of Composite decking is created from polyurethane and a mineral blend manufactured by us, making it much more durable and long-lasting whilst also ensuring it is protected from UV rays.

Natural timber is extremely porous when not sealed and is a nesting ground for algae and insects that are attracted to it. Our Composite decking is extremely low maintenance as it does not absorb or give off moisture, or swell or shrink like wood. It is also coated in owned which is a non-porous substance that resists the growth of algae as well as having self-cleaning qualities.

Recycled plastic decking manufacturer

Seventrust is capped with a resilient polymer technology, so it will withstand the ravages of weather, time and use. Best of all, it looks like real wood, with a true-to-life variegated wood grain surface that comes in two exotic colors—koa and arabica. And like the real thing, no two boards are alike. With this new cap stock technology, your deck will look gorgeous, resist scratching and be remarkably easy to clean. Beautiful and virtually maintenance-free. It’s the right way to go.

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