Vinyl fencing for building

This is one of a group of four houses built by the Sewall Realty Trust on the south end of the former Hall Estate (135 High Street). The houses are all examples of the Colonial Revival style with very minimal architectural ornament.

The design of fences should be appropriate in scale and architectural style to the building, its site and the surrounding properties.

The following should not be used for residential properties:
(i) plastic fences
(ii) chain link fences, unless minimally visible
(iii) split rail fences
(iv) stockade fences, unless minimally visible
(v) lattice fences, except as a side or rear yard garden element
(vi) light gauge tubular and roll formed sheet metal fabricated fences.

Porches and entrance porticos, including ornamental details, should be retained.

Vinyl windows and Vinyl fencing are inappropriate to install in a Local Historic District. The Commission may wish to continue the application for the porch enclosure until more articulated plans are submitted and the vinyl elements have been removed.

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