Protect your wpc deck

Protect your wpc deck

To keep your WPC Deck looking its best, here are a few things to consider.

Avoid the use of rubber-backed mats, tarps, pool toys, and other non-porous items on the deck for any extended period of time as these items may cause discoloration to the decking surface.

Some products, such as sunblock and insect repellent, contain chemicals that may alter the surface of WPC Deck and Rim Joist Covers. Check product labels and consult with the manufacturer as to product compatibility with plastic materials, such as WPC Deck prior to use on or near WPC Deck and Rim Joist Covers.

Do not get any PVC glue or similar product on the surface of any WPC Deck product as it may discolor and permanently damage the surface.

As with any walking surface, WPC Deck products may become slippery in Winter weather. Take caution when walking on the your WPC Deck in these conditions. For ice removal, most products containing calcium chloride can be used without damage to the deck porch surface. These products may leave a white residue which can be cleaned using the cleaning guidelines in the previous pages.

Metal shovels or plastic shovels with a metal leading edge may damage the surface of WPC Deck and are not recommended for clearing snow from deck surface.

Always remove jobsite dust, clay, dirt, mud and other construction products from WPC Deck and Rim Joist Covers quickly. Do not allow construction dirt and debris to sit on the WPC Deck surface.

These guidelines may not cover every care and maintenance scenario encountered.

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