Seventrust Railing and Deck Installation and Maintenance Guide

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Seventrust Railing & Deck Installation & Maintenance Guide

These installation guidelines will direct you through the process of installing WPC products. Most installers will find this process similar to the installation of a wood deck. However, there may be areas that differ from what you are used to. These installation methods are recommended by Seventrust, but they may not cover every installation scenario you may encounter. Since each installation is unique in its performance requirements, the ultimate installation method used is the sole responsibility of the installer.

Seventrust recommends that all designs be reviewed by a licensed architect, engineer or local building official before installation. Make sure your plans meet local building codes before you begin the installation. Failure to install WPC products in accordance with applicable building codes and this Installation Guide may lead to personal injury, affect deck system performance and void the product warranty.


Store Seventrust products under cover to maintain a clean surface. If stored outdoors, they must be covered with a non- translucent material.

• All products should be stored flat and on a dry surface.
• Stack units with banding and bottom supports aligned.


Although all Seventrust planks are made with low-maintenance materials, each plank’s unique features require special care and handling ensuring lasting beauty.

To maintain the beauty of Seventrust products please follow these important guidelines when moving and working with Seventrust:

• Never dump Seventrust materials when unloading.
• When carrying Seventrust planks, carry on edge for better support.
• Do not slide planks against each other when moving them.
When removing them from the unit, lift the planks and set them down.
• Do not slide tools or drag equipment across the top of the planks during construction.
• Keep the surface of the planks free of construction waste to prevent damage to the planks.

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