pvc synthetic teak decking application

What’s a border?

A traditional natural teak deck requires margin boards that border the entire perimeter of the deck areas. These boards seal the end grains of teak decks to help them last a bit longer. The margin boards are slightly wider than the planks used for the main body of the deck. pvc synthetic teak decking does not require borders since it is made of PVC, but adding borders can recreate the classic look of a traditional teak deck. pvc synthetic teak decking provides more design versatility than a wood deck because you also have the option of bordering only certain sections – many people like the look of a hybrid design where only the aft section of the decking has a border. Another option is the totally borderless New York style decking which provides a more modern appearance. The long lines of the New York style also tend to make areas look longer and sleeker.

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