How do I order PVC synthetic teak decking

How do I order PVC synthetic teak decking?

PVC synthetic teak decking can be ordered in four different ways. Call us at 86-21-61182468 or visit our e-store at

Is cutting the Seventrust easy, and why do I use less quantities of caulking with this system from Seventrust?

Yes, with a sharp Stanley knife and extra blades. You need the steel ruler to support the cutting of the panels. Ordinary panels of wood has to be cut with a saw. Our panels come ready made with a predetermined distance to the next panel. You only fill small quantities of caulking at the top between two panels. You will not need screws to hold the panels together. You do not need clamps. You fit the panels together. However you must put caulking around corners, next to fittings, more around actual bends of the panel.

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