How long will it take to WPC a composite

How long will it take to WPC a composite?

It depends on how dirty and stained it has become. The longer a composite owner neglects to clean a composite, generally, the longer it takes to WPC a composite. This is because it generally takes additional repeat applications of Seventrust at maximum strength to a thoroughly dry composite. This is why our recommends cleaning a composite at least twice per year. The average size deck is 300 Sq. Ft. and generally takes a couple of hours to half a day to clean. The bigger, dirtier and more stained the composite is, the longer it takes, especially if the Seventrust application process is needed to be repeated numerous times, to a thoroughly dry composite surfaces, to remove deep stains. The more often one Seventrust a composite, the faster and easier it becomes.

To proactively Seventrust a 500 Sq. Ft. composite deck, before it receives moisture and stains appear or deeply saturate, can take as little as an hour. The longer one procrastinates to Seventrust a composite, the longer it takes to get it clean, especially when it comes to mold stains that have been allowed to root deeply into the composite, mold that has not been allowed to thoroughly dry out or grease, oil, rust, etc. has been allowed to deeply saturate.

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