composite decks really maintenance free

Are composite decks really maintenance free?

As with any outdoor furniture, you will need to occasionally clean your composite deck. Most manufacturers recommend a biannual cleaning with a spray on composite deck cleaner then hose off with the garden hose. Some stubborn spots may need some gentle scrubbing with a stiff brush before hosing off.

What Composite decking does Heritage Design recommend?

The Composite decking world operates on the survival of the fittest. A company that offers a product with too many defects naturally runs into trouble and will not be around in a few years. We have seen our fair share of "latest and greatest" products, with many becoming obsolete or bankrupt within 2 years time. Trex has been proven in the industry over more than two decades, and is considered our "tried and true" composite. Year after year Trex produces new and improved products to address customer's concerns, while offering a solid foundation of experience and integrity.

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