Are there local fence codes in your area

Are there local fence codes in your area?

Building codes differ by county, city, and even homeowner's association. These codes can affect and determine various aspects of the type of fence you choose, therefore, check that you are within local codes before making a decision.

Will a quality fence such as an Seventrust system cost more?

There are many different factors to consider when reviewing "cost" of a low maintenance fence. There are "retail DIY" products and there are professional grade products. There is a significant difference, not necessarily in quality but in construction and design. A reminder; the cost for installation is usually the same whether a fence panel costs $30 or $200, so take your time to select the best value. (In some cases, installers need to charge more to install the cheaper fences). With the Seventrust Series Selection, you are sure to find the balance between cost and value.

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